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Review by Jeb J. Card
The man who invented crystal skulls: the adventures of Eugène Boban
Jane MacLaren Walsh & Brett Topping
Review by Matthias Meinecke
Burial mounds in Europe and Japan: comparative and contextual perspectives
Thomas Knopf, Werner Steinhaus & Shin'ya Fukunaga (ed.)
Review by Brian Hayden
Les restes humains fossiles de la Grotte du Lazaret
Marie-Antoinette de Lumley (ed.)

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Received: 09-04-2015
Chris Fowler, Jan Harding & Daniela Hofmann (ed.)
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Received: 01-04-2015
A. Bernard Knapp & Peter van Dommelen
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Received: 20-03-2015
Felix Pirson & Andreas Scholl (ed.)
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Received: 20-03-2015
Christopher N. Matthews & Allison Manfra McGovern (ed.)
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Received: 16-03-2015
Andrew Tester, Sue Anderson, Ian Riddler & Robert Carr
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