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Review by Jonathan R. Walz
Archaeology of the Night: Life After Dark in the Ancient World
Nancy Gonlin & April Nowell (ed.)
Review by Cyler N. Conrad
Historical ecology and archaeology in the Galápagos Islands: a legacy of human occupation
Peter W. Stahl, Fernando J. Astudillo, Ross W. Jamieson, Diego Quiroga & Florencio Delgado

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Received: 13-01-2021
Daniel Groβ, Harald Lübke, John Meadows & Detlef Jantzen (Ed.)
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Received: 13-01-2021
Ariane Thomas & Timothy Potts (Ed.)
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Received: 13-01-2021
Anna L. Boozer, Bleda S. Düring, & Bradley J. Parker (Ed.)
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