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Review by Ondřej Škrabal
The origins of Chinese writing
Paola Demattè

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Received: 04-12-2023
Alessandro Launaro & Martin Millett
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Received: 01-12-2023
Jelena Bogdanović, Ida Sinkević, Marina Mihaljević & Cedomila Marinkovic (ed.)
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Received: 29-11-2023
John Crowley & John Sheehan (ed.)
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Received: 29-11-2023
Sonja Ammann, Helge Bezold, Stephen Germany & Julia Rhyder (ed.)
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Received: 28-11-2023
Mark William Hauser & Julia Jong Haines (ed.)
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Received: 28-11-2023
G. Caïti-Russo & D. Le Blévec (ed.)
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Received: 27-11-2023
Susan Milbrath & Elizabeth Baquedano (ed.)
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