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Issue 361 - February 2018

Keep your head high: skulls on stakes and cranial trauma in Mesolithic Sweden
Disarticulated human crania intentionally placed at the bottom of a former lake provide clues to the socio-cultural behaviour of Scandinavian Mesolithic hunter-gatherers.
Sara Gummesson, Fredrik Hallgren and Anna Kjellström
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El Médano rock art style: Izcuña paintings and the marine hunter-gatherers of the Atacama Desert
El Médano-style rock art from the Atacama Desert provides new information concerning the significance of this hunter-gatherer rock art.
Benjamín Ballester
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The Viking Great Army in England: new dates from the Repton charnel
Applying the appropriate marine reservoir correction to the Repton skeletons seems to confirm their Viking origins.
Catrine L. Jarman, Martin Biddle, Tom Higham and Christopher Bronk Ramsey
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