Review Article

Ancient urbanism and complex societies in the Peruvian Desert: recent field research on the north and south coasts

David Chicoine

Books reviewed

Christina A. Conlee. Beyond the Nasca Lines: ancient life at La Tiza in the Peruvian Desert. 2016. xiii+294 pages, numerous b&w illustrations. Gainesville: University Press of Florida; 978-0-8130-6202-0 hardback $84.95.
Melissa A. Vogel. The Casma city of El Purgatorio: ancient urbanism in the Andes. 2016. xxiii+274 pages, numerous b&w illustrations, tables. Gainesville: University Press of Florida; 978-0-8130-6215-0 hardback $84.95.


  • David Chicoine
    Department of Geography & Anthropology, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803, USA (Email: dchico [at]