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Review by Marijke van der Veen
Fruit from the sands: the Silk Road origins of the foods we eat
Robert N. Spengler III
Review by Robert J. Vigar
Trafficking culture: new directions in researching the global market in illicit antiquities
Simon Mackenzie, Neil Brodie, Donna Yates with Christos Tsirogiannis
Review by J. Brett Hill
The Davis Ranch site: a Kayenta immigrant enclave in southeastern Arizona
Rex E. Gerald & Patrick D. Lyons (ed.)

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Received: 23-02-2016
Courtney Nimura
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Received: 23-02-2016
Richard Davis
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Received: 23-02-2016
Heidrun Stebergløkken, Ragnhild Berge, Eva Lindgaard & Helle Vangen Stuedal (ed.)
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