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Review by Robert Carter
The Royal Mounds of A'ali in Bahrain: the emergence of kingship in Early Dilmun
Steffen Terp Laursen, with contributions by Gianni Marchesi Jesper Olsen and Thomas Van de Velde
Review by John Schofield
Clashes of time. The contemporary past as a challenge for archaeology
Jean-Marie Blaising, Jan Driessen, Jean-Pierre Legendre and Laurent Olivier (ed.)
Review by Peter Jordan
The Oxford handbook of the prehistoric Arctic
T. Max Friesen and Owen K. Mason (ed.)

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Received: 12-05-2015
Peter Skoglund, Johan Ling & Ulf Bertilsson (ed.)
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Received: 11-05-2015
Ruth M. Van Dyke & Reinhard Bernbeck (ed.)
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Received: 06-05-2015
Jean-Loïc Le Quellec, François-Xavier Fauvelle & François Bon
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Received: 04-05-2015
Elizabeth Sonnenburg, Ashley K. Lemke & John M. O'Shea (ed.)
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