Contribute: Copyright


Authors are responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions to reproduce material to which they do not own copyright, for use in both print and electronic media, and for ensuring appropriate acknowledgements are included in their manuscript. If your submission is accepted for publication, you will be asked to provide a copy of the relevant permission(s). You can download a standard permission request template here:

Before an article can be published, authors will be required to assign their copyright in their contribution to Antiquity Publications Ltd. This ensures that requests by third parties to reprint an article, or part of it, are handled efficiently and consistently. It will also allow the publication to benefit from co-operative licensing schemes without impeding the dissemination of knowledge.

In assigning copyright in this way authors are not forfeiting their right to use their contribution elsewhere. It remains your work, and you are always free to reproduce it in printed form in whatever way you like. When you do, we ask that you acknowledge Antiquity as the place of first publication. Please see our policy below in relation to the inclusion of published work in institutional e-repositories and personal web pages.