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Chris Scarre

Editor - Chris Scarre

The Editor, Chris Scarre, is a specialist in the prehistory of western Europe, with a particular interest in the archaeology of the Atlantic facade (Portugal, France, Britain & Ireland). He took his MA and PhD at Cambridge, the latter a study of landscape change and archaeological sites in western France. From 1990-2005 he was editor of the Cambridge Archaeological Journal and Assistant (later Deputy) Director of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge. In January 2006 he took up the position of Professor of Prehistory at the Department of Archaeology at Durham.
Robert Witcher

Reviews Editor - Robert Witcher

The Reviews Editor, Dr Robert Witcher, is Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at Durham University. He studied for a BA and MA at Newcastle University and a PhD at Leicester University, before working as a post-doctoral researcher in Rome. His principal research interests are Roman and landscape archaeology with ongoing projects in the UK and Italy.
Jo Dean

Editorial Manager - Jo Dean

The Editorial Manager is Jo Dean. Jo studied International Business and Spanish at Auckland University, before deciding archaeology and museums were far more interesting. An exchange to Nottingham University and an MA in Museum and Artefact Studies at Durham University soon followed. Since leaving university Jo has worked in museums, digitising collections and working on exhibitions, most recently as part of the team writing interpretation for the Lindisfarne Gospels Durham exhibition in 2013.
Ross Kendall

Editorial Assistant - Ross Kendall

Ross gained a PhD in Archaeology and Anthropology from Durham University in 2015, following on from an MA in Anthropology and BA (Hons.) in Archaeology. An experienced field archaeologist and freelance human osteologist, his research expertise is in biomolecular archaeology, principally the analysis of ancient proteins. He currently teaches part time in the Archaeology Department at Durham University on topics within archaeological science and biomolecular archaeology. Ross has published in international archaeological journals, is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and a member of numerous professional organisations, including BABAO and the Society for Archaeological Sciences.
Thomas Swindells

Editorial Assistant - Thomas Swindells

Thomas Swindells gained a BA and MA in English literature at Durham University. An Associate of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, he operated his own proofreading and editing business prior to his post as editorial assistant with Antiquity, working within a range of academic disciplines and in association with several prominent journals, including Procedia and the Review of Islamic Economics. His research interests include Renaissance tragedy, Restoration poetry, and the Classics and historical fiction, alongside the works of Thomas Pynchon, Evelyn Waugh, and Graham Greene. He is also a published author of short stories and writes regularly on cinema.
Peter Bellwood, The Australian National University, Australia
Email: peter.bellwood [at]
Xingcan Chen, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing
Email: chen.xingcan10 [at]
Eduardo Goés Neves, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil
Email: edgneves [at]
Elizabeth Graham, University College London, UK
Email: e.graham [at]
Christine Hastorf, University of California Berkeley, USA
Email: hastorf [at]
Charles Higham, University of Otago, New Zealand
Email: charles.higham [at]
Stephen Houston, Brown University, USA
Email: stephen_houston [at]
Timothy Insoll, University of Exeter, UK
Email: T.Insoll [at]
Susan Keech McIntosh, Rice University, USA
Email: skmci [at]
Ian Kuijt, University of Notre Dame, USA
Email: ian.kuijt.1 [at]
Kevin Lane, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Email: kjl25 [at]
Li Liu, Stanford University, USA
Email: liliu [at]
Akira Matsuda, University of Tokyo, Japan
Email: amatsuda [at]
Barbara Mills, University of Arizona, USA
Email: bmills [at]
Peter Mitchell, University of Oxford, UK
Email: peter.mitchell [at]
Timothy Pauketat, University of Illinois, USA
Email: pauketat [at]
Victor Paz, University of The Philippines, The Philippines
Email: victor.paz [at]
Michael Petraglia, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Germany
Email: petraglia [at]
Innocent Pikirayi, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Email: Innocent.Pikirayi [at]
Susan Pollock, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Email: s.pollock [at]
Natalia Shishlina, State Historical Museum, Moscow, Russia
Email: nshishlina [at]
Benjamin Smith, University of Western Australia, Australia
Email: Benjamin.Smith [at]
Claire Smith, Flinders University, Australia
Email: claire.smith [at]
Monica Smith, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Email: smith [at]
Melinda Zeder, Smithsonian Institute, USA
Email: zederm [at]


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