Issue 344 - April 2015

List of Contents

Chris Scarre
Editorial...... 267


Youping Wang, Songlin Zhang, Wanfa Gu, Songzhi Wang, Jianing He, Xiaohong Wu, Tongli Qu, Jingfang Zhao, Youcheng Chen & Ofer Bar-Yosef
Lijiagou and the earliest pottery in Henan Province, China...... 273
Alfred F. Pawlik, Philip J. Piper, Rachel E. Wood, Kristine Kate A. Lim, Marie Grace Pamela G. Faylona, Armand Salvador B. Mijares & Martin Porr
Shell tool technology in Island Southeast Asia: an early Middle Holocene Tridacna adze from Ilin Island, Mindoro, Philippines...... 292
Esther López-Montalvo
Violence in Neolithic Iberia: new readings of Levantine rock art...... 309
Dan Lawrence & T.J. Wilkinson
Hubs and upstarts: pathways to urbanism in the northern Fertile Crescent...... 328
Vladimir F. Stolba & Jens Andresen
Unveiling the hinterland: a new type of Hellenistic rural settlement in Crimea...... 345
James Denbow, Carla Klehm & Laure Dussubieux
The glass beads of Kaitshàa and early Indian Ocean trade into the far interior of southern Africa...... 361
Ambra Calo, Bagyo Prasetyo, Peter Bellwood, James W. Lankton, Bernard Gratuze, Thomas Oliver Pryce, Andreas Reinecke, Verena Leusch, Heidrun Schenk, Rachel Wood, Rochtri A. Bawono, I Dewa Kompiang Gede, Ni L.K. Citha Yuliati, Jack Fenner, Christian Reepmeyer, Cristina Castillo & Alison K. Carter
Sembiran and Pacung on the north coast of Bali: a strategic crossroads for early trans-Asiatic exchange...... 378
Jarosław Źralka & Wiesław Koszkul
Archaeological evidence for ancient Maya water management: the case of Nakum, Petén, Guatemala...... 397
Lin Meicun & Ran Zhang
Zheng He’s voyages to Hormuz: the archaeological evidence...... 417


Åsa Berggren, Nicolo Dell’Unto, Maurizio Forte, Scott Haddow, Ian Hodder, Justine Issavi, Nicola Lercari, Camilla Mazzucato, Allison Mickel & James S. Taylor
Revisiting reflexive archaeology at Çatalhöyük: integrating digital and 3D technologies at the trowel’s edge...... 433
Paul Newson & Ruth Young
The archaeology of conflict-damaged sites: Hosn Niha in the Biqa' Valley, Lebanon...... 449


Sabrina Krief, Camille Daujeard, Marie-Hélène Moncel, Noemie Lamon & Vernon Reynolds
Flavouring food: the contribution of chimpanzee behaviour to the understanding of Neanderthal calculus composition and plant use in Neanderthal diets...... 464
Lucy Shipley
Leaping to conclusions: archaeology, gender and digital news media...... 472
Neil Price
The new MOMU: meeting the family at Denmark’s flagship Museum of Prehistory and Ethnography...... 478

Review articles

Robert A. Foley
Evolution, archaeology and the social brain...... 485
R.I.M. Dunbar, Clive Gamble & J.A.J. Gowlett (ed.) Lucy to language: the benchmark papers
Clive Gamble, John Gowlett & Robin Dunbar Thinking big: how the evolution of social life shaped the human mind
Jo Day
Making sense of the Greek past...... 488
Yannis Hamilakis Archaeology and the senses: human experience, memory, and affect
Claire Nesbitt & Mark Jackson (ed.) _Experiencing Byzantium _

Book reviews

María Cruz Berrocal
Claire Manen, Thomas Perrin & Jean Guilaine (ed.) La transition néolithique en Méditerranée...... 491
Nellie Phoca-Cosmetatou
Nikos Efstratiou, Alexandra Karetsou & Maria Ntinou (ed.) The Neolithic settlement of Knossos in Crete: new evidence for the early occupation of Crete and the Aegean Islands...... 492
James Whitley
Andrea Bräuning & Imma Kilian-Dirlmeier Die eisenzeitlichen Grabhügel von Vergina: Die Ausgrabungen von Photis Petsas 1960–1961...... 494
Manuel Fernández-Götz
Martín Almagro-Gorbea (ed.) Iberia. Protohistory of the far west of Europe: from Neolithic to Roman conquest...... 495
Andrew Fitzpatrick
Manuel Fernández-Götz Identity and power. The transformation of Iron Age societies in northern Gaul...... 497
Myles Mccallum
David Peacock The stone of life: querns, mills and flour production in Europe up to c. AD 500...... 498
Martin Pitts
Margaret Darling & Barbara Precious with Joanna Bird, Brenda Dickinson & Katherine Hartley A corpus of Roman pottery from Lincoln...... 500
Harold Mytum
Aidan O’Sullivan, Finbar McCormick, Thomas R. Kerr, Lorcan Harney & Jonathan Kinsella Early medieval dwellings and settlements in Ireland, AD 400–1100...... 501
Susan Kane
David J. Mattingly (ed.) The archaeology of Fazzān. Volume 4, survey and excavations at Old Jarma (ancient Garama) carried out by C.M. Daniels (1962–69) and the Fazzān Project (1997–2001)...... 502
Mark D. Mccoy
Patrick Vinton Kirch Kua‘āina kahiko: life and land in ancient Kahikinui, Maui...... 504
John Carman
Clarence R. Geier, Douglas D. Scott & Lawrence E. Babits (ed.) From these honored dead: historical archaeology of the American Civil War...... 505

New Book Chronicle

Robert Witcher
New Book Chronicle...... 507