Issue 346 - August 2015

List of Contents

Chris Scarre
Editorial...... 775


Pablo Arias, Miriam Cubas, Miguel Ángel Fano, Jesús F. Jordá Pardo, Christoph Salzmann, Felix Teichner & Luis C. Teira
Where are the ‘Asturian’ dwellings? An integrated survey programme on the Mesolithic of northern Spain...... 783
Luc Laporte, Catherine Bizien-Jaglin, Julia Wattez & Jean-Noël Guyodo, Jean-Baptiste Barreau, Yann Bernard, David Aoustin, Véronique Guitton, Gwenaelle Hamon, Luc Jallot, Alexandre Lucquin, Ramiro March, Nancy Marcoux, Emmanuel Mens, Ludovic Soler & Elise Werthe
Another brick in the wall: fifth millennium BC earthen-walled architecture on the Channel shores...... 800
Raphaël Angevin
The hidden Egyptian workshop: the lithic grave goods of King Khasekhemwy...... 818
Minkoo Kim
Rice in ancient Korea: status symbol or community food?...... 838
William Timothy Treal Taylor, Jamsranjav Bayarsaikhan & Tumurbaatar Tuvshinjargal
Equine cranial morphology and the identification of riding and chariotry in late Bronze Age Mongolia...... 854
Jean-Loïc Le Quellec, Paul Bahn & Marvin Rowe
The death of a pterodactyl...... 872
Eberhard W. Sauer, Konstantin Pitskhelauri, Kristen Hopper, Anthi Tiliakou, Catriona Pickard, Dan Lawrence, Annamaria Diana, Elena Kranioti & Catherine Shupe
Northern outpost of the Caliphate: maintaining military forces in a hostile environment (the Dariali Gorge in the Central Caucasus in Georgia)...... 885
Rohan S.H. Fenwick & Sachihiro Omura
Smoke in the eyes? Archaeological evidence for medicinal henbane fumigation at Ottoman Kaman-Kalehöyük, Kirsehir Province, Turkey...... 905
Krish Seetah
The archaeology of Mauritius...... 922


Chris Loendorf, Lynn Simon, Daniel Dybowski, M. Kyle Woodson, R. Scott Plumlee, Shari Tiedens & Michael Withrow
Warfare and big game hunting: flaked-stone projectile points along the middle Gila River in Arizona...... 940


Hugo Anderson-Whymark, Duncan Garrow & Fraser Sturt
Microliths and maritime mobility: a continental European-style Late Mesolithic flint assemblage from the Isles of Scilly...... 954
Graeme Warren
Looking at things anew...... 972
Grégor Marchand
The end of ‘splendid isolation’: a continental perspective on the Old Quay discovery...... 974
Julian Thomas
Frightful neighbourhood...... 977
Philippe Crombé
The ‘microliths’ from the Isles of Scilly and the continental Mesolithic: similar yet still so different...... 980
Hugo Anderson-Whymark, Duncan Garrow & Fraser Sturt
The tip of the iceberg? Reply to responses...... 982

Review articles

Jonathan Walz
Historical archaeologies of spatial practices and power...... 985
J. Cameron Monroe The precolonial state in West Africa: building power in Dahomey
James A. Delle The colonial Caribbean: landscapes of power in the plantation system
Mark Golitko
Sources and semiotics: obsidian studies in North-east Asia and Mesoamerica...... 988
Akira Ono, Michael D. Glascock, Yaroslav V. Kuzmin & Yoshimitsu Suda (ed.) Methodological issues for characterisation and provenance of obsidian in Northeast Asia
Marc N. Levine & David M. Carballo (ed.) Obsidian reflections: symbolic dimensions of obsidian in Mesoamerica
David W. J. Gill
Heritage crime matters...... 991
Duncan Chappell & Saskia Hufnagel (ed.) Contemporary perspectives on the detection, investigation and prosecution of art crime: Australasian, European and North American perspectives
Louise Grove & Suzie Thomas (ed.) Heritage crime: progress, prospects and prevention

Book Reviews

Matt Grove
Steven E. Churchill Thin on the ground: Neandertal biology, archeology, and ecology...... 994
Duncan Wright
Graeme Barker (ed.) Rainforest foraging and farming in Island Southeast Asia...... 995
John R. Alden
D.T. Potts Nomadism in Iran: from antiquity to the modern era...... 996
Daniela Hofmann
Cyrille Billard, Françoise Bostyn, Caroline Hamon & Katia Meunier L’habitat du néolithique ancien de Colombelles ‘Le Lazzaro’ (Calvados)...... 998
Laurel Bestock
Hans-Åke Nordström The West Bank Survey from Faras to Gemai I: sites of Early Nubian, Middle Nubian and Pharaonic Age...... 999
John R. Patterson
Alessandro Delfino Forum Iulium: L’area del Foro di Cesare alla luce delle campagne di scavo 2005–2008. Le fasi arcaica, repubblicana e cesariano-augustea...... 1000
Adam Rogers
Lacey M. Wallace The origin of Roman London...... 1002
Lucinda Dirven
J.A. Baird The inner lives of ancient houses: an archaeology of Dura-Europos...... 1003
Adrián Maldonado
Ann Preston-Jones & Elisabeth Okasha Early Cornish sculpture...... 1005
Rita Wright
Vasant Shinde, Teresa P. Raczek & Gregory L. Possehl (ed.) Excavations at Gilund: the artifacts and other studies...... 1006
Mark Dunkley
Innes McCartney The maritime archaeology of a modern conflict. Comparing the archaeology of German submarine wrecks to the historical text...... 1008

New Book Chronicle

Robert Witcher
New Book Chronicle...... 1010