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Antiquity back issues

Antiquity back issues

Selected back-numbers of Antiquity are available to purchase.

£15.00 per issue
(discounts are available for purchases of four or more).

Please email sales@portland-services.com with your enquiry.

Antiquity Monographs

Antiquity monographs

Drawing on its long tradition of archaeological publishing, Antiquity has brought together three volumes of collected papers. See below for details on each.

All three volumes are available to purchase from Oxbow Books http://www.oxbowbooks.com

Landscapes from Antiquity cover

Landscapes from Antiquity
(Antiquity Papers 1)

Edited by Simon Stoddart
Year of publication: 2000

Twenty-four classic papers representing ancient and modern landscape approaches, organised by thematic sections: early studies of Fox and Curwen, aerial photography of Bradford, Crawford and St Joseph, survey method, integrated regional landscapes, physical, industrial, contested and experienced landscapes.

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Celts from Antiquity cover

Celts from Antiquity
(Antiquity Papers 2)

Edited by Simon Stoddart & Gillian Carr
Year of publication: 2002

Twenty-five specially selected articles from Antiquity, covering the question of Celticity, the Iron Age of central Europe and the Iron Age of Great Britain.

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Megaliths from Antiquity cover

Megaliths from Antiquity
(Antiquity Papers 3)

Edited by Timothy Darvill & Caroline Malone
Year of publication: 2003

Thirty-six papers examining four principal themes in megalithic studies. Concerning the earliest monuments, the great tombs and dolmens, papers range from Daniel's early studies of British dolmens to more recent debates.